12V 3S 100A Li-ion Battery Charger With Protection

    ৳ 1,500

    12V 3S 100A Lithium Li-ion Battery Cell BMS Protection Board Circuit With Balance.


    1. Short circuit protection
    2. Overcharge protection
    3. Over-discharge protection
    4. Over-current protection
    5. Continuous current: 100A
    6. Instantaneous current: Max 200A
    7. Charging voltage: 12.6V
    8. Charging current: Max 10A
    9. Overcharge protection:single cell 4.08±0.05V
    10. Over-discharge protection: single cell 2.9±0.1V
    11. Short circuit protection: delay 250us
    12. Load power: less than DC12V 280W
    13. operating temperature: -30-80℃
    14. Size: Approx. 78*51.5*18mm